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ATV FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)
How can clutch components help my CVT equipped automatic ATV?

  • The factories produce ATV’s calibrated for a very broad range of use. Sometimes we find certain models to be very well calibrated, other times re-calibrating the CVT is the key to better belt life, acceleration or case specific applications such as big tires, racing, etc.
    What makes Dalton Pro different?
  • At Dalton Industries, we design and manufacture our own helixes, flyweights, etc. Helixes have stainless steel spline hub, flyweights are CNC machined from billet steel, heat treated and designed specifically for each application. Dalton Pro springs are manufactured to OUR specifications and come with a lifetime warranty against breakage.
    There is also no rule at Dalton that each clutch kit must contain “X” number of pieces. Some kits contain only a spring or two, others are changing all components. We do not believe in selling more components than necessary.
    How will a clutch kit affect speed?
    Very little. The major thing to remember when clutching ATV’s is that changing clutch components changes the rate of shift on the CVT system during the “clutching phase”. The clutching phase is when the belt travels from low ratio to high ratio (high ratio is when the belt is to the top of its travel on the front motor clutch). The goal is to control the shift RPM properly during this clutching phase. On most ATV’s this “clutching phase” is over in a distance of approximately 500 – 800ft. This is very different from snowmobiles, where much taller gearing makes the clutching shiftout phase last up to ¼ mile.
    On some ATV models, tuners often mistake “shift out RPM” for “after shift out RPM”.
    Clutching changes the rate of shift…. But when the belt reaches the top of the primary (motor clutch)….It is to the top. Clutching cannot add more gear ratio.
    Proper kit selection is important on some models, as different calibrations can make the clutches stay “shifted out” in high ratio at different distances and are case specific for things like tire size, vehicle weight/use, etc. In some instances, a properly calibrated system that makes gains for oversized tires may lose a few mph when tires are switched back to stock without recalibrating the clutch. Some of our clutch kits are very flexible and work well for both. (See “ATV clutch kits” for individual kit descriptions).
    Will installing a clutch kit void my factory warranty?
    Many of our sales are to OEM dealers who realize that sometimes proper re-calibration of the clutches for certain applications is actually easier on clutches, belts, etc. However, you should ALWAYS consult your Dealer with respect to aftermarket products and warranty.
    Can I install a clutch kit myself?
    We recommend that all of our clutch kits are installed by factory trained personnel and/or service technicians that have experience with CVT transmission systems. There are Dealer instructions included in the kit that contain critical information of items like belt deflection, tolerances, etc. These professionals have the proper training and necessary tools to do the job properly and it is usually a quick and easy install for them to add at your next service interval.
    Will a Dalton Pro clutch kit still work if I have aftermarket bolt on items (e.g. pipes/filters,etc)?
    While most instances with snowmobiles and two stroke applications require different clutching (2 stroke pipes totally change engine powerband characteristics), most four stroke ATV’s powerband is changed only a small amount from the addition of exhaust, oil filters, etc. Even when a nice hp gain (3 – 8hp) is achieved from simple bolt on’s, the RPM band is not changed very much and quite often the same clutch kit will pull up to the slightly higher acquired RPM on its own from added hp.
    What about internal engine mods? Internal engine mods, like cylinder head porting, compression, big bores and especially camshafts of higher lift / long duration, can definitely change the engine characteristics and sometimes the clutching could be changed even further to optimize performance. Our clutch kits are designed around stock – mildly modded ATV’s. Quite often when stepping into extensive engine mods, you may have to do your own field testing to optimize your clutching.
    Please thoroughly read the text for your model on “ATV clutch kits” first as this is supplemental information.

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