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  • 1. EXPERIENCE: For 21 years now, ITP has built a reputation for creating the best ATV tires and wheels in the business. These days, riders confidently know that they can’t go wrong when they choose an ITP tire or wheel.
  • 2. INNOVATION: ITP has consistently surprised the industry year after year with one new groundbreaking product after another—the type of tires and wheels that serve as “inspiration” for the competition!
  • 3. QUALITY: ITP has become the ATV aftermarket sales leader, sure, but quantity will never overshadow quality. Each and every one of our tire and wheel products has to stand up to exceptionally high standards. If a single one of our products does not stand up to the highest level of performance, durability, finish, fit, value and overall quality, it will not roll out our door. In fact, our commitment to quality has been confirmed by way of a prestigious ISO 9001 certification for our tires and wheels, and the ultra-rigid QS9000 certification for many of our wheels—this is an exclusive distinction in the ATV aftermarket.
  • 4. SERVICE: The only thing more impor-tant to us than our products is our customers. At ITP, the customer always comes first, whether a distributor, dealer or ATV owner. If we can find a way to serve you better, we’ll implement it as soon as we can. And if you have any suggestions, questions for comments, we want to hear from you! We can be reached by phone at (909) 390-1905, or via email at customerservice@itptires.com . For 2004, our goal is to bring customer service to a whole new level—for ITP and the industry in general.
  • 5. OPERATIONS: One way we’re already able to do that is by operating perhaps the largest and most efficient warehouse operation in the business. Huge product inventories and quick order processing means our distributors are able to get the items they want, when they want them, in turn getting them to you faster than ever.
  • 6. RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT: We will sell no line before it’s time! ITP products are the result of a highly detailed design and development process, using the best technologies available. Once an ITP tire or wheel reaches physical form for the first time, it is exhaustively tested in a wide range of conditions and situations. It will reach production only when it passes the most critical tests.
  • 7. HANDS-ON INVOLVEMENT: We’re enthusiasts, too! Many of the people at ITP are personally involved in this research and development, from the engineering staff to management, on the trails, in the sand dunes, through the mud bogs and at the racetracks around the country. To say we’re a hands-on company is an under-statement.
  • 8. AWARDS: ATV enthusiast magazines consistently rave about ITP tires and wheels and how they improve the performance and appearance of production machines. In numerous cases over the years, ITP has been given “best of” awards for our products.
  • 9. CUSTOMER CONFIRMATION: Likewise, a number of ATV magazine surveys have shown that ITP tires and wheels have become THE choice of readers. It’s not even close: ITP is far and away number one in the polls.
  • 10. OEM AFFIRMATION: Even the major ATV manufacturers are recognizing ITP as a solid choice for the machines that end up in dealership showrooms across the country, making ITP a player in both the aftermarket and OEM arenas.
  • 11. THE COMPETITIVE EDGE: We put our reputation on the line every weekend, and it shows. Nobody has had more racetrack success than ITP, one reason why every one of the factory ATV race teams have chosen ITP products for the 2004 season. You’ll find a lot more on this topic within these pages.
  • 12. IN-DEPTH INFORMATION: We urge you to visit our website—www.itptires.com— for an extensive library of information, including continued updates, product applications and more. Our site has been greatly expanded and re-tooled for ’04, so it’s definitely worth a click.

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